My job is called “trampoline”

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Cal Poly number 2 in the nation!

Woooo suddenly everyone here loves baseball. It’s a bit annoying but hey right now we’re the best in the country.

That’s the way college athletics works. Unless it’s football or basketball, no one cares until you’re in the news.

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Cal Poly number 2 in the nation!

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Still willing to bet that Griffin’s biggest highlights of the second round are gonna be Kia commercials.

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It’s not though because no one is trying to break stats that aren’t records. No one is gonna try and break Ray Allen’s 269 three pointers in a season because the record is Stephen Curry’s 272.

You’d think that you would’ve learned from the last time you spoke early about a game. As far as I remember, Tim Duncan still only has 4 rings.

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Kailey is really trying to defend the fact that she just said “Statistics are made to be broken” when she knows damn well that that’s not the saying.

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Vince McMahon taught me that you could always settle your problems in a 15 foot high steel cage and if you still had beef after that a five ton Hell In A Cell might be needed.

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Are you wondering who you should root for in the playoffs?

Well don’t you worry, I made a handy flow chart for you to make your decision.

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joe pavelski being joe pavelski

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7 Celebrations. 7 Unanswered goals. 2 game lead in the series. 

The sharks are on fire.

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